10 years time


This has been bugging me not a lot but a few times. Ever since I turned 11 years old (new fact: I’m 15, so for 4 years) I’ve been told I need to know what I want to do in the future. But did any of you older readers always knew who you wanted to be? What job you want to have? Did you always have your future planned out? I’m telling you I never had and I still don’t.

I have been involved with a higher education programme since October 2014 and this programme is meant to help us with how to deal with exams, collages, universities and all of that sort of stuff. It really does help, however, at out last meeting we were given a sheet to fill in about what we personally want to do in 10 years time. We were given only some pointers of how to attempt the task but I still don’t know how to finish it. I mean how can I know if in 10 years time I will be single, married or have a boyfriend? Or what job I’ll be doing? Or how much money I earn? Or even what people are saying about me? These questions are good to think about and help us start to plan our future but how many of us honestly know for 100% what our life will turn out like? The answer is, we don’t. Yes, we might want to have a boyfriend (or girlfriend) and that’s totally fine, a lot of people do. You don’t want a relationship? That’s fine as well. You want to go to university? Go, no one is stopping you. You want to  do something else, maybe travel the world? Do it! You are the only person who can stop you from doing anything and do not, I repeat DO NOT, let anyone get in the way. You don’t need to know who you want to be exactly, all you need is small goals and you’ll reach something in the future.

best is yet to come

I hope that you liked this blog post! Much love!

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