I’m giving a shout out to anonymousmindblogger for being the first person to comment on my blog as well as giving me an idea for this blog post! Thank you so much! Now let’s get onto today’s blog: crushes!

imgresFirst of all, to make this clear I’m on about the crushes like the cute boy that sits next to you in English or the super hot football player, not the celebrity crush on like Zac Efron…
Zac Efron

Clear now? Okay, lets get started!

Have you ever been in this situation where you’re sat in a boring class and this super cute new guy joins your class? Or when you’re out with your friends and they introduce you to their friends outside of school and their friend is like super hot? Or ever think that your year group’s (or grade if you’re from America) football player or capitan is like I don’t even know, that best looking guy on Earth? If you have found yourself in any of those situations or anything similar then I’m telling you that you’re crushing (or had a crush)! Don’t worry it’s nothing serious unless its been going on for a long time…I’m only joking there is nothing to worry about.
Comment below if you ever found yourself in these situations!

Here are a few ‘Crush Rules’ that I have learnt while I’m still at seconday school (or middle or high school in America, I think):

  1. Don’t be too shy or over confidant when it comes to talking or working in class. It might scare the guy away and he will try to avoid you…
  2. Try becoming their friend. In the end if you end up not crushing on them any more you’ll have a friend.
  3. This leads onto getting to know them. Obviously ask questions but don’t make yourself sound or look like a stalker.
  4. Be yourself! Don’t pretend to be someone that you’re not!

These are only the early stages and trust me, even I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a proper crush (I did get a boyfriend or 2 but I wasn’t in love).

When you get to know the guy and you’re on the friends level or maybe even best friends (yes, it does happen, trust me I’ve been there haha) then you might realise that your feelings change. Either they got weaker and the guy is more of a best friend or brother then you’ve escaped the crushing zone. If you think you’re still very attracted to the guy or even more, then I’m afraid that I have to tell you that you really liking the crush. If you are a really confidant girl (and they guy you’re still crushing on knows you’re very confidant) then you could hint that you like him and see if he gets the hint. From here I cannot predict his reaction and what happens next (in my case, the guy said he likes me back and asked me out but that doesn’t happen all the time)!

In another case, if you’re a shy girl (like I used to be, I’m still shy but I get my times to be very confidant) then still be flirty. Sometimes friendships consist of flirting (been their, done that aha) and maybe if you show him that you like him then he will catch the hint. This is a bit like a confidant girl but you’re still hiding, if you know what I mean? Either way, I cannot tell what the guys reaction will be because I cannot tell the future…

heart bouble

A few tips:

  • You can tell you best girl friends, of course not all of them because they could make it awkward, and they could help you with your crush.
  • Remember, it’s a crush, nothing scary but don’t get so into the guy that your grades start to drop.
  • Always be yourself! No matter what people say, always be yourself, the guy has to like you for who you truly are.

book heart

Anyway, that’s it for this blog! I hope you enjoyed reading and that this helped? Please answer any questions that I’ve asked. Comment anything that you can relate to, think is useful, or anything that you could suggest about crushes.

The Online Domi, is Offline xx

ps. Happy Halloween!!


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