Many of you know its Autumn (or Fall depending where you’re from and how you say it. Personally I prefer to say Fall but people then look at me weirdly…)! Anyway, its been Fall for a while now and I love Fall so much! Especially in October, I feel like it’s just a perfect time of year (apart from Winter and to be more exact around Christmas time) and it’s not too cold or too hot. It’s the perfect time for sweaters!

Sweater Weather
What else can you love about fall? The colours (or colors if you’re American I think?), the weather and so much more. Honestly, I love fall so much, I always have to find an opportunity to take photos during this time of year, whether it’s on my phone or my camera. Do any of you just like looking at photos of fall, all the oranges, reds and browns are beautiful. Even though I’m a fan of black and what photos I still love seeing different coloured ones too.


School starts back on Monday meaning going back to horrible reality. Okay, maybe not horrible but I’m not looking forward to going back even though I like going to school (I know, the most insane thing that you’ve heard). Anyway, I’ll speak to you guys in my next blog post. I’m going out for my birthday meal now bye guys!

The Online Domi, is Offline xx

ps. I decided to sign off like Girl Online from Zoe’s book 🙂


9 thoughts on “Autumn/Fall

  1. I love Autumn and because taking photos is a hobby of mine I always get so excited during this time because everything is so pretty! And golden and crisp.

    I saw what ya did there with your going online going offline thing and I was like “omg this reminds me of girl online by Zoe and then I read your comment!” I love that book.


      1. AYes, same! In the copy of Girl Online that I have it has the first 2 blogs and chapters of the second one and I read them and want the book so bad right now!

        Just a quick question: as you are the first person who has commented on my blog would you like to choose what the next blog is about?

        The Online Domi, is Offline xx

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