Why I write a blog?


People often ignore me, maybe a bit too often but I’m not asking for attention. But, looking at videos on YouTube and reading blogs allowed me to see how people enjoy doing their job. Even though I’m not old enough to run a blog as a job like people such as Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella I still enjoy writing maybe not as much as other activities like dance (dance is like my life) or listening to music (blocking out all the hating and real world) but I feel like writing a blog could help me enjoy life more.



I normally can’t sleep at night, stay up long nights and have very early mornings. School work, exams, sports teams, dance rehearsals and extra meetings for higher education system every month, these things can stress me out a lot but without them I can’t live my life. But, eventhough these are the only things I do I still have my free time, spending it out with friends or going online.

I thought that starting this blog could help me to find my true self so please do not hate on me for this. Please show your support but you don’t have to. This first entry to my blog isn’t going to be long because it’s only a small introduction of my blog. My next entry I will probably post soon, thank you for reading, I love you all for reading


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