So after about a year, I went on an unsuspected break but I’m back. I decided that I want to start this blog again:) I’m hoping to actually stick to it as I got more into writing. However, please don’t kill me if I don’t post as I am in my last year and GCSE’s […]

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Christmas Wish list!

Christmas, Christmas, Christmas! Litrually, this is all I hear everywhere I go. It makes me happy hearing things about Christmas and just Chrtistmas songs because, well, it’s my favourite time of year. I really love the build up to Christmas more than anything because it gets you all prepared and festive.I know that Christmas also isn’t about the gifts that you recieve but people always ask what you want so here are a few ideas of what I think would make a good gift or that you might want. So without anymore of my rambling here’s a list of a few things that could make it to the Christmas Wish list…

  1. Books – I know, why would someone want books but thik about whatYoutuber books they or you like. Youtuber books? Maybe favourite author? (I would say check out Zoella’s books, Joe’s book, Lousie’s book, Tyler’s book and the list goes on. My favourite author at the moment has to be John Green though…)
  2. Bath essentials – like bath bombs, bath fizzers, soaps, shower gels and the list goes one. You could check out stores like Superdrug, Boots or Lush but there are tons and tons of different stores you can try.
  3. Personalised gifts – Do you have that friend or family membbath bombser with a unique name? I know I do and my name is also hard to find. I would suggest ordering something online and personalising it with their name or goinginto a chocolate store where you can get their name iced onto chocolate!
  4. Tech – Yes, this is slightly on the more expensive side. However, if you’re a parent or a family member, I can tell you any teen will be happy to recieve an iPod, iPhone, tablet, laptop ect.
  5. Beauty – This is mainly for girls but if you’re creative, you could easily turn it into a gift for boys. Is it a young girl who is starting to get into make up? Get her a few items to get her started. Is it a friend or family member? Get her some moremake up that could suit her, like if she keeps on saying that her foundation is too dark for her or something like that. Beauty can also be similar Yankees Candlesto bath/shower essentials such as body washes.
  6. Candles – I swear so many people, including me, love candles, esspecially at this time of the year. I would recomend  getting sents that you kno the person that you are getting them for likes because you cannot go wrong with that.


Obviously there is a lot more things that you could probably think of but these stuck out to me from the gifts that I personally got from my friends. I hope that it helps as Christmas is just around the corner! So Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas

The Online Domi, is Offline xx

ps. I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone who has read my last post, it means so much to me and a few people got back to me saying that it was so relatable. I just can’t thank you all enough. Secondly, I also created a twitter for The Online Domi so if you want to follow me, here is the link: !

pps. I do not own any of the photos in this blog. All credit goes to the rightful owners.

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10 years time

This has been bugging me not a lot but a few times. Ever since I turned 11 years old (new fact: I’m 15, so for 4 years) I’ve been told I need to know what I want to do in the future. But did any of you older readers always knew who you wanted to […]

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I’m giving a shout out to anonymousmindblogger for being the first person to comment on my blog as well as giving me an idea for this blog post! Thank you so much! Now let’s get onto today’s blog: crushes! First of all, to make this clear I’m on about the crushes like the cute boy that […]

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Many of you know its Autumn (or Fall depending where you’re from and how you say it. Personally I prefer to say Fall but people then look at me weirdly…)! Anyway, its been Fall for a while now and I love Fall so much! Especially in October, I feel like it’s just a perfect time […]

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Why I write a blog?

People often ignore me, maybe a bit too often but I’m not asking for attention. But, looking at videos on YouTube and reading blogs allowed me to see how people enjoy doing their job. Even though I’m not old enough to run a blog as a job like people such as Zoe Sugg a.k.a Zoella I […]

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